Hoorahayy for a new start??
I don't get men...I'm almost bored with falling in love, because I know it all to well.  I got back with him...and nothings changed, at least nothings changed for long.  I love him and i care for him.  I'm terrified to live without him. But he hurts me and i hurt him.  We can get along as people, but our emotions towards eachother are so extreme but so hit & miss. We are useing eachother, but only cause we need eachother.  He's made me so insecure in the beginning, now...now I'm not even fazed by it.  I do feel better than before.  But only alittle confused and unsure now.  I don't know what to think this New Years will bring, but I can only hope & pray for a great, accomplished better year than before. I know I'm unfortunatly working New Years Eve & New Years freakin day.

= )
I'm so tired but i can't sleep...insomnia sucks... Ok soo I've barely searched through this site, but what I have read is pretty interesting..some people are sooo much deeper than me!

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Hmm not sure if im feeling this site....i have a myspace and am more familiar with that...guess i'll give this place alil more time.

Ok so I know no one here, but I like the idea of writing a public diary.  My attention has been drawn to the anorexics on here.  Oddly enough, I'm not anorexic..I love food to much.  But I also would like a thinner bod. I don't think I'm fat but I'm not skinny either. Well for an american I'm skinny, haha. So I'm just going to read everbody elses journal and try to make a friend. YAY...


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